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/crawls out of a cave/

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[Why not shoot arrows into people’s knees?]

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Sazh no need to be violent ;-;

"It’s all in good fun Hope! It isn’t violent at all."

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ooc; LOL. It would, my WWII class has been taking over my RPs XD



"…typical kids throwing around food these days." he chuckled.

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"Hey everyone!"

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“I’m glad you two are having fun with it. Seems like it’s what you’re meant to do!” She laughed lightly for a moment, eyes shining. “Lightning? Er.. I saw her a bit ago, but I’m not quite sure where she’s gone off to.”

"Thanks Serah, I appreciate it. Keep up with the teaching…unless you stopped doing that. Dajh wants you to be his teacher again." he gave the younger Farron a warm smile. "Ah, typical. That sister of yours is always going her own way sometimes." he chuckled lightly.

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“H-Hopey?” He repeated, blinking, “Just Hope will do…” He chuckled, “My job requires constant attention, I can’t slack off…” He smiled at the mention of the younger one, “Ah, he must enjoy it a lot…”

He let out loud chuckle. “Whatever you say, Hope.” he crossed his arms, leaning against the wall. “You gotta take a break once in a while…at least you love what you’re doing…right?” he blinked, wondering if his job really was enjoyable. “He loves it…its the thing he looks forward to after he gets out of school.”